(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

1. Relating to or advocating oralism.
2. A profoundly deaf person who uses speech and lip-reading to communicate, rather than by using sign language.
A cultivator of orchids (flowers); an orchid fancier.
One who studies plant and animal organs.
ornithologist (s) (noun), ornithologists (pl)
A person who is versed in the scientific study of the members of the class of Aves, including warblers, eagles, jays, owls, wildfowl, doves, etc.: The National Audubon Society, founded in 1905, has been focusing on wildlife throughout the years; especially, birds and it was named after the ornithologist, John James Audubon.
A person who specializes in studying birds.
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Someone who is a specialist or who is versed in orology.
Anyone who practices orthetics.
1. A specialist in the area of dentistry concerned with the prevention and correction of abnormally positioned or aligned teeth.
2. A dentist who is concerned with correcting and preventing irregularities of teeth and their poor occlusions.
An authority on pronunciation.
Someone who spells words correctly.
Someone who speaks correctly or who makes the correct use of words.
orthopedist, orthopaedist (British)
1. The branch of medicine concerned with the nature and correction of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, or muscles.
2. One who cures deformities; an orthopedic surgeon.

Originally from Greek paideia, "child rearing"; applied specifically to childhood bone disorders.