(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

palinodist (s) (noun), palinodists (pl)
The poet who changes his or her formerly expressed view which was in a previously compiled poem.
palmist (s), palmists (pl)
1. A fortuneteller who predicts the future by the lines on in a person's palms.
2. Someone who practices palmistry.
panentheist (s) (noun), panentheists (pl)
1. A person who believes that all things are in God: A panentheist maintains that God and the world are inter-related with the world being in God and God being in the world.
2. Etymology: from the Greek elements pan, "all" + en, "in" + theist, "God".
pantheist (s) (noun), pantheists (pl)
Anyone who believes that God is present in everything or someone who believes in many gods.
pantisocratist (s) (noun), pantisocratists (pl)
A supporter of belief that everyone is equally a member of the government.
pantophagist (s) (noun), pantophagists (pl)
Someone or those who eat just about everything.
A student of papyrology.
A seller of paper.
A punster or someone who is fond of or skilled at making puns or a humorous play on words.
An expert in parasitology.