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misoneist (s) (noun), misoneists (pl)
1. Someone who avoids changes and who has a dislike of new subjects, events, or people: Linda didn't want to be like her parents, who had a tendency to be misoneists, because they were always doing the same things every day, but she wanted to travel to new places, go to rock concerts, and to attend parties and meet new people.
2. A hater of novelties or new things: Marie was a misoneist who was completely happy with her old record player and landline; and so, she told her friends that she was not interested in getting theĀ "newfangled" gadgets which would cost too much and break down anyway.
A strong dislike of anything new or of making any modern changes.
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Someone who prefers to avoid changing to up-to-date or the latest most modern equipment or living conditions. (1)