(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

legalist, legalistic
1. A stickler for legality.
2. One versed in the law; one who views things from a legal standpoint.
One well versed or skilled in the law; a jurist.
1. An entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and moths.
2. A person who studies the order of insects called Lepidoptera, a large order including butterflies and moths.
A collector of butterflies. Also known as lepidopterology.
An individual who specializes in the study and treatment of leprosy.
lexicologist (s) (noun), lexicologists (pl)
Someone who studies the meanings and origins of words.
lexiconist (s) (noun), lexiconists (pl)
Someone who compiles a dictionary or dictionaries.
lexiconophilist (s) (noun), lexiconophilists (pl)
A person who collects dictionaries and related books about words because he or she has a fondness for vocabulary.
linguist (s) (noun), linguists (pl)
1. Someone who speaks several languages or finds it easy to learn languages: Ms. Smith was a famed linguist who wrote poetry in several different languages.
2. A person who studies languages: A new linguist was hired by the university to chair the foreign language department.
Knowing several languages.
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A specialist in the effects of fat.
Anyone who writes signs or characters representing words.
literalist (s) (noun), literalists (pl)
1. Someone who strives to present the exact representation of a statement or law: Jack had to be a literalist when executing the statutes with accuracy and correctness.
2. A person who translates a text as clearly as possible: In the special language class at school, Grace learned how to be a literalist in that she worked on interpreting written work with preciseness and exactness.