(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

cacophonophilist (s) (noun), cacophonophilists (pl)
Someone who likes to listen to harsh or loud sounds: Many people of the older generation suspect that teenagers are really cacophonophilists who use their earphones and iPods to listen to intensive and excessive musical sounds.
calligrapist (s) (noun), calligrapists (pl)
Anyone who is skilled in the art of stylish and artistic handwriting.
capitalist (s) (noun), capitalists (pl)
1. A person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business).
2. A conservative advocate of capitalism.
3. A person who has capital; especially, extensive capital, invested in business enterprises.
4. An advocate of capitalism.
5. A very wealthy person.
capnomantist (s) (noun), capnomantists (pl)
Soneone who practices divination by interpreting smoke from animal sacrifices.
cardiologists lexicomedy (s) (noun), cardiologists lexicomedies (pl)
1. A flutter of cardiologists.
2. A click of cardiologists.
3. A fibrillation of cardiologists.
caricaturist (s) (noun), caricaturists (pl)
1. A person who creates drawings, descriptions, or performances that exaggerate what is normal.
2. Someone who parodies in an exaggerated manner.
casualist (s) (noun), casualists (pl)
A person or a group of individuals who believe that all events or occurrences happen in an unexpected or unplanned way: To be a casualist would appear to be like living life on the edge and never knowing what to expect or how to plan for anything.
cerographist (s) (noun), cerographists (pl)
Someone who engages in the process of writing or engraving on wax: Gordan was known as a skilled cerographist with his production of wax figures.
Someone who specializes in the zoology of whales and related aquatic mammals.
cheirognomist, chirognomist
Someone who practices chirognomy; "a palm reader".
cheirographist, chirographist (s) (nouns); cheirographists, chirographists (pl)
A writer by hand: A cheirographist is someone who presents penmanship that is written on "important documents" as an apostolic letter written and signed by the pope.
cheirologist, chirologist
1. A person who communicates thoughts by signs made with the hands and fingers.
2. Someone who makes the hand a subject of study.