-ism, -ismus

(Greek, ismos; Latin, ismus: a suffix: belief in, practice of, condition of, process, characteristic behavior or manner, abnormal state, distinctive feature or trait)

self-cannibalism (s) (noun), self-cannibalisms (pl)
A rare condition in which one's own body parts are being bitten off and swallowed.
Criticism of oneself.
sensationalism (s) (noun), sensationalisms (pl)
The use of language that amazes, challenges, and thrills readers or audiences: The speaker's sensationalism during his talk captivated the attention of the people who were attending the presentation.
sensualism (s) (noun), sensualisms (pl)
The ethical doctrine that physical pleasures are the highest good: Ed and Dorothy believe that sensualism should be their objective and that's why they go on expensive vacations to sunny locations.
sentimentalism (s) (noun) (no pl)
A tendency to express feelings of love, sadness, excitement, etc., often in a way that seems foolish or overly done: The sentimentalism of the winning football team and the supporters was obviously excessive and way too much for most viewers who were watching on TV.
Seventy years old or seventy to seventy-nine years of age.
1. Serial compositions.
2. The theory or composition of serial music.

A technique for composing music that uses a tone row (a nonrepeating arrangement of the 12 tones of the chromatic scale) as the unifying basis for a composition's melody, harmony, structural progressions, and variations.

sesquipedalianism, sesquipedalism (s) (noun); sesquipedalianisms, sesquipedalisms (pl)
The practice of using, long and obscure words in speech or writing: "The senator's speech was sprinkled with sesquipedalianisms which confused reporters and other members of the audience because he was speaking with many incomprehensibly big words."

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sexagenarian, sexagenarianism
Sixty years old or sixty to sixty-nine years of age.
The state of having six fingers on a hand, or six toes on a foot.
sexism (s) (noun)
Unfair treatment of a person because of his or her gender: "There are people who believe that sometimes there is a problem of sexism when women apply for a job."

"Some linguists say there is too much sexism in language when so much emphasis is placed on the use of the masculine gender."

An increase in the flow of saliva.
Incorrect, difficult, or the too frequent use of the "s" sound.