(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

A reference to an organism that spends its entire life in the ground.
Having fruit maturing underground as a result of the young fruit being pushed underground by curvature of a stalk after fertilization.
geocratic (adjective), more geocratic, most geocratic
A reference to land-movements that reduce the area of the Earth's surface covered by water: Geocratic action occurs when land expands or continents enlarge, and oceanic areas decrease in size. .
1. Relating to the geometry of curved surfaces.
2. The shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere).
3. Etymology: "surveying", from Modern Latin geodaesia, from Greek geodaisia, "division of the earth" (from ge, "earth" + daiein, "divide").
Relating to, or employing the theories, techniques, or results of geodesy (utilizing the precise measurement of the earth's surface or of points on its surface).

Relating to the geometry of curved surfaces.

Descriptive of a small, hollow, usually rounded rock, lined on the inside with inward-pointing crystals.

Such related geodes form when mineral-rich water entering a cavity in a rock undergoes a sudden change in pressure or temperature, causing crystals to form from the solution and line the cavity's walls.

Characterized by having knowledge of the general structures of the earth.
1. Relating to geography or to the geography of a specific region.
2. Concerning the topography of a specific region.
1. Relating to geomagnetism or the magnetic properties of the earth.
2. Having properties, or characteristics, of geomagnetism.

The study of the sources, configurations, and changes in the earth's magnetic field and the study and interpretation of the remaining magnetism in rocks as a result of the earth's magnetic field when the rocks were formed which is known as paleomagnetism.

Referring to divination by the analysis of figures or lines drawn in dirt (or on paper).
1. Relating to geometry; using the principles or methods of geometry.
2. Referring to a design, using or resembling the simple linear figures or forms associated with geometry.
1. Of or resembling the earth or its shape or surface configuration.
2. Pertaining to the form of the earth or the forms of its surface.
geophilic (adjective), more geophilic, most geophilic
1. Living or thriving in soil: Fungi, algae, and protozoa are all geophilic organisms.
2. Relating to plants that fruit below the soil surface: Geophilic peanuts, classified as a fruit, are the only fruit that grow under the surface of the earth and are, in addition, the plant's seeds.
Of or relating to agriculture.