(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

ethnic (adjective), more ethnic, most ethnic
1. A reference to social groups who share cultural bonds: Ethnic characteristics involve such features as religious, national, etc. or physical and racial characteristics.
2. Designating the physical and cultural traits that distinguish those of one society or larger human group from members of other such people: Joan played the violin in an orchestra with many people from different ethnic backgrounds from around the world.
3. Etymology: from Latin ethnic(us), "pagan", from Greek ethnikos, "peculiar to a nation", from Greek ethn(os), "a nation, a people".
Relating to races or people with certain features.
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A reference to ethnography or the scientific description of nations or races of mankind.
1. Referring to ethnology.
2. Of or pertaining to ethnology.
1. Pertaining to causes or origins.
2. In pathology, originating from; causal; such as, an etiologic agent.
3. A reference to etiology.
A reference to the pathogenesis, or cause, of a disease.
1. Directed against the cause of a disease.
2. A reference to a treatment or medication that destroys or inactivates the causal agent of a disease.
eucentric (adjective), more eucentric, most eucentric
1. Someone whose behavior is consistently good in quality or performance: Jim's uncle is a very eucentric and reliable person when his help is needed.
2.A technical item that is placed centrally or is having its axis or other part placed in the middle point of a sphere.
1. Producing mathematically perfect harmony or concord; sweetly or perfectly harmonious.
2. Producing harmony or concordant sounds; as the euharmonic organ.
Ecstatic: extremely happy or excited.
Pertaining to an aquatic organism thriving in both flowing and standing fresh water.
1. Characterized by a pleasing rhythm.
2. Harmoniously ordered or proportioned.