hyper-, hyp-

(Greek: above, over; excessive; more than normal; abnormal excess [in medicine]; abnormally great or powerful sensation [in physical or pathological terms]; highest [in chemical compounds])

hypercryalgesia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Extreme sensibility to cold: Mr. Jenkins never wanted to live in Norway, because he suffered from excessive pain resulting from exposure to cold, so he decided to continue living in the very warm climate in Arizona.
hypercryesthesia (s) (noun), hypercryesthesias (pl)
An excessive, or extreme, sensitivity to cold: Mark's sister suffered from hypercryesthesia and so she could not bear to go outside in the winter.
A greater than normal concentration of copper in the blood.
Excretion of greater than usual amounts of copper in the urine resulting from certain diseases.
hypercyesis, hypercyesia
1. Superfetation or the formation of a fetus as the result of an impregnation occurring after another impregnation but before the birth of the offspring produced by it.
2. The fertilization and subsequent development of an ovum when a fetus is already present in the uterus, as a result of fertilization of ova during different ovarian cycles, yielding fetuses of different ages.

This is possible only when there is a double uterus, or where menstruation persists up to the time of the second impregnation.

Any condition in which there is an abnormal increase in the number of cells in the circulating blood or the tissues of the body.
A condition of excessive tearing of the eyes.
The presence of extra, or an excessive number of, fingers or toes.
The presence of too many fingers and/or toes.
An excess of digits; such as, in the extremely rare condition when a person has six (or more) fingers on any one hand or six (or more toes) on a foot.
1. An intense thirst for a relatively brief period.
2. Intense thirst that is relatively temporary.
A description of someone who has an intense thirst and consequently an increased consumption of liquids.
hyperdontia (hygh" pur DAHN shee uh)
1. A condition characterized by the presence of supernumerary teeth.
2. An excessive number of teeth.
1. An abnormally increased muscular activity or function.
2. Extreme violence or muscular restlessness.
Demonstrating an excess of motor activity.

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Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "more, plentiful, fullness, excessive, over flowing": copi-; exuber-; multi-; opulen-; ple-; pleio-; plethor-; poly-; super-; total-; ultra-; undu-.