hyper-, hyp-

(Greek: above, over; excessive; more than normal; abnormal excess [in medicine]; abnormally great or powerful sensation [in physical or pathological terms]; highest [in chemical compounds])

hypercenosis (s) (noun), hypercenoses (pl)
An excessive evacuation, as of the bowels.
Having a greater than normal cholesterol concentration; a reference to a blood specimen.
Excessive bile secretion.
1. That which is abnormally highly colored, excessively stained, or over pigmented.
2. Characterized by intense coloration, either from natural pigments or from a strong affinity for colored dyes.
hyperchromatic karyokinesis
1. A mitotic division in which the chromosome complement is unequally distributed to the two daughter cells.
hyperchromatism, hyperchromia
1. The increased or excessive staining capacity of a structure; such as, the nuclei of cancer cells, which stain excessively with hematoxylin (stain that gives a blue color) as a result of their increased nucleic acid (chromosomal) content.
2. A condition of having an unusual intensity of color.
A disorder of visual perception in which everything the individual sees is colored (normally and abnormally).
hypercinesia, hypercinesis
1. Excessive motility (movement).
2. Excessive muscular activity.
hyperconscious (high" pur KAHN shuhs)
1. Excessively aware.
2. Acutely conscious.
hypercorrection (s) (noun), hypercorrections (pl)
A grammatical mistake, or mispronunciation, made by correcting something that is not actually wrong: A hypercorrection involves a sentence construction, or pronunciation, produced out of a desire to be "correct", as in the substitution of "I" for "me" with the mistaken belief that the following should be "On behalf of my parents and I", or "The secret is between you and I", instead of "The secret is between you and me".
Excessive creatine (a compound the body synthesizes, or makes, and then utilizes to store energy) in the blood, evidence of excessively rapid breakdown of muscle tissue, and in thyrotoxicosis (an overactive thyroid gland).
The somatic (body as opposed to the mind) condition resulting from excessive secretion of a hormone or hormones.
hypercritical (high" pur KRIT i k'l) (adjective); more hypercritical, most hypercritical
1. Descriptive of someone who is overly severe in judgment: Melanie was always so very hypercritical with herself, thinking that she weighed too much although she had the figure of a model!
2. Characteristic of a person who is hard to please, especially regarding small details: Albert was quite hypercritical about choosing the best restaurant because the water served there had to have the right temperature, and the silverware had to shine brilliantly.
Complaining about insignificant things.
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Excessive criticism; criticism that is unduly severe or about minute (trivial) matters.
To criticize excessively or unduly.

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