gastr-, gastro-, gaster-, gastero-, gastri-, -gastria-

(Greek: stomach, belly)

gastrilegous (adjective), more gastrilegous, most gastrilegous
Descriptive of a manner of collecting pollen: The bee keeper used a delicate brush when she performed the gastrilegous action of brushing the abdomen of the bee in order to collect the pollen.
gastriloquist (s) (noun), gastriloquists (pl)
Someone who appears to speak from his or her stomach; a ventriloquist: On the vaudeville stage, one of the most popular shows was the performance of the gastriloquist, fooling the audience as to the source of his voice.
gastrin (s) (noun), gastrins (pl)
A hormone that is secreted by the membranes in the stomach, producing a fluid that is necessary for digestion: Due to a deficiency, Kitty had to take a medication that simulated gastrin which facilitated her ability to process the food she ate.
gastritis (s) (noun), gastritis (pl)
The inflammation of the lining of the stomach believed to be caused by a bacterium: The gastritis which Sam was experiencing resulted in a painful abdomen.
gastroblast (s) (noun), gastroblasts (pl)
An explosive bowel movement that often results in soiled underwear: Janice was mortified when she unexpectedly experienced a series of gastroblasts when she was on the bus.
gastroblennorrhea (s) (noun), gastroblennorrheas (pl)
An excessive production of mucus by the membranes in the stomach: The gastroblennorrhea which Peter experienced in his abdomen often made him feel queasy, as if he were going to throw up.
gastrocardiac (adjective), more gastrocardiac, most gastrocardiac
Descriptive of a condition associated with both the heart and the stomach: Alison went to the doctor for a thorough gastrocardiac examination as she had been having both chest and abdominal pains.
gastrocartephilist (s) (noun), gastrocartephilists (pl)
A collector of menu cards: Jason was looking forward to the annual convention of gastrocartephilists as he had several new restaurant publications to show his friends.
gastrocentral (adjective), more gastrocentral, most gastrocentral
Descriptive of the vertebrae structure that includes both the abdomen and chest areas of an animal: In her palaeontology class, Karen studied various gastrocentral organisms with the unusual bone configurations.
gastrochaena (noun) (noun), gastrochaenas (pl)
A salt water clam that bores into coral beds: The summer marine expedition Chuck went on was studying the effect of the gastrochaena on the underwater ridges made by minute sea creatures.
gastrochronorrhea (s) (noun), gastrochronorrheas (pl)
Excessive and continuous gastric secretion: Pete's condition, diagnosed as gastrochronorrhea, was managed by diet, ensuring he did not eat foods that caused his stomach to overproduce certain fluids.
gastrocolic (adjective), more gastrocolic, most gastrocolic
Pertaining to the lower stomach and intestinal tract and the end portion of the large bowel: Occasionally, Terrance had to take medication to ease the more gastrocolic discomfort in his lower digestive system.
gastrocutaneous (adjective), moe gastrocutaneous, most gastrocutaneous
Referring to the association between the parts of the intestinal track and the skin of an individual, often involving a fistula or an abnormal passage or link to the exterior surface of the person: The appearance of a break or crack in the surface of Charlie's belly was the first indication of his gastrocutaneous condition.
gastrodermal (adjective), more gastrodermal, most gastrodermal
Relating to the cell layer that lines the organs of invertebrates: The use of the high-powered microscope enabled Dr. Roberts to describe the gastrodermal cell structure of the common garden snail.
gastrodermis (s) (noun), gastrodermises (pl)
The inner lining of cells in invertebrates: In his elementary biology course, Jeff used the microscope to study the gastrodermises of the specimen worms.