fren- +

(Latin: rein, bridle, a bit (as in a horses mouth); by extension, a medical term for a connecting fold of membrane in the body)

buccal frenum
A fold of mucosa stretching from the cheek to the alveolar process (a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth) in the canine region.
Unbridled license; unruliness.
The surgical cutting of, or removal, of any frenum; usually frenum of the tongue.

Small pieces of pink colored skin that attach your lips, cheeks and tongue to your mouth.

Examples of frena include the piece of skin under your tongue which sticks out when you pick up your tongue, and the piece of skin which sticks out when you pull out your lips.

The surgical division of any frenum; especially, the "tongue-tie"; which is a non-medical term for ankyloglossia, a congenital shortness of the frenum of the tongue.

It is characterized by interference in sucking and in articulation (talking). The condition is treated by surgically freeing the frenum.

The surgical correction of an abnormally attached frenulum.
frenulum (s), frenula (pl)
1. A small stiff bristle on the hind wing of moths that keeps the forewings and hind wings together during flight.
2. A small fold of skin, or membrane, that limits the movement of an organ, typically smaller than a frenum.
frenulum clitoridis
The union of the inner parts of the labia minora on the undersurface of the clitoris.
frenulum labii superioris, frenulum of superior lip
The prominent raised fold of mucous membrane connecting the inner surface of the upper lip with the upper gum in the median plane.
frenulum linguae, lingual frenulum (s) (nouns)
A fold of mucous membrane extending from the bottom of the mouth to the midline of the undersurface of the tongue: "The frenulum linguae attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and appears to restrain or to control it."
frenulum of the lips, frenulum labialis oris
The fold or mucous membrane extending from the middle of the inner surface of the lip to the alveolar mucosa.

It is seen in both the upper and lower jaws.

frenulum of the tongue
The frenulum that attaches the lower side of the tongue to the floor of the buccal (cheek) cavity.

At birth, this may be tight, a condition called "tongue-tie".

frenum (s), frena (pl)
1. A membranous fold of skin or mucous membrane that supports or restricts the movement of a part or organ; such as, the small band of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.
2. Small pieces of pink colored skin that attach your lips, cheeks, and tongue to a person's mouth.
3. A narrow reflection, or fold, of mucous membrane passing from a more fixed to a movable part, serving to check undue movement of the part; an anatomical structure resembling such a fold.

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