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rain, rain, reign, reign, rein, rein
rain (RAYN) (verb)
To give in an abundant manner: During the holidays, Josie's relatives tend to rain presents on her because she is the only child.
rain (RAYN) (noun)
Drops of water formed by the condensation of vapor and which precipitate from the atmosphere: As Ryan stood by the window, he watched the rain begin to fall on the lawn.

The rain started just as Tracy was leaving the house, so she had to put up her umbrella.

reign (RAYN) (noun)
1. The time during which an individual who is considered royalty holds political influence or control: The reign of the king lasted over forty years and was believed to be a peaceful time in the country.
2. A prevalent or common occurrence: At the end of the school year, the reign of confusion was widespread as the students cleaned their lockers and said goodbye to their friends and teachers.
reign (RAYN) (verb)
To possess a position of presumed authority, often without much actual political influence or power: Ronda will reign as consort until her son is old enough to be the king.
rein (RAYN) (noun)
1. A controlling or restraining influence: Albert kept a tight rein on the finances of the town so there would be no wasteful spending.
2. Unhampered opportunity: Delories was given free rein in planning the party for the end of the year.
3. The strap which is fastened to the bit in an animal's mouth and by which the animal is controlled or directed: Sally held each rein for her horse in her right hand as she mounted it.
rein (RAYN) (verb)
To stop or to slow oneself or an animal: Pete had to rein in his enthusiasm for the new book because he was about to bore all his friends.

You may want to rein in your enthusiasm at the start of the reign for the new ruler. Your spirits might be dampened with the prediction of rain; however, the start of a new reign may be the signal to rain the new ruler with gifts, including a rein for is favorite horse.

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(Latin: rein, bridle, a bit (as in a horses mouth); by extension, a medical term for a connecting fold of membrane in the body)
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rein (s). reins (pl)
1. A strap, or each half of a strap, by which a horse is controlled by its rider or by the driver of a coach or cart which it is pulling.
2. Any means of guiding, controlling, or restraining someone or something.
3. A strap or harness that fits around the body of a very young child, with straps attached so the youngster can be controlled and guided; especially, when going for a walk outside.
4. To give free rein to someone or something is to allow a person or something complete freedom by imposing no restraints or limitations.
5. To have or to keep a tight rein on someone or something means to maintain strict control.
6. To take up the reins refers to taking charge of something or someone.
7. Etymology: from Old French retenir, from Latin retinere, "to hold back,"; from re-, "back" + tenere, "to hold".
This entry is located in the following unit: ten-, tent-, tin-, -tain, -tainment, -tenance, -tinence (page 6)