-esce, -escent, -escence

(Latin: beginning to be, becoming; to be somewhat; a suffix that forms nouns and adjectives)

acaulescent (adjective), more acaulescent, most acaulescent
With no stem or with a stem that is very short: Olivia's favorite acaulescent plant is a popular thick-leaved houseplant that is native to South Africa and Asia which is called a "jade plant" because it has short, stemless leaves.
acquiescence (s) (noun), acquiescences (pl)
An agreement to go along with what another person suggests either by being quiet and not saying anything or without arguing about it: The men demanded that Bruce pay them for his protection and so he decided to give them his acquiescence.
Agreeing to do what he is told to do.
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acquiescent (adjective), more acquiescent, most acquiescent
1. Willing to accept or to agree to doing something without an objection, a protest, or any resistance: Acquiescent people are sometimes thought of as quiet and mousy because they tend to do whatever they are asked to do without any protest.
2. Etymology: from Latin acquiescere, "to remain at rest" or "to become quiet".
Submissive and compliant.
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adherescent (adjective), more adherescent, most adherescent
A reference to something that tends to stay with or to stick to another object: The new postage stamps are more adherescent now than those that needed a person's tongue, or wet finger, to get the glue wet so they would attach to the envelopes.
adipescent (adjective), more adipescent, most adipescent
Regarding a person or animal acquiring fatty deposits: Wendy had to be sure not to become adipescent because she wanted to take part in the upcoming fashion show.
adolescence (s) (noun), adolescences (pl)
The period of growth from childhood to adulthood: The time of adolescence is an important introduction to adulthood.
The stage between puberty and adultery.
adolescence, adolescents
adolescence (ad'l ES uhns) (noun)
Growth from childhood to adulthood: The period of adolescence is an important introduction to adulthood.
adolescents (ad'l ES uhns) (noun)
People growing up from childhood to adulthood; especially, those from about 12 to about 20 years of age; teenagers: Over 70 percent of today's adolescents are expected to finish high school.

Some adolescents complete their adolescence when they are old enough to vote.

1. Going through the period of adolescence; such as, adolescent males and females.
2. Typical of someone who is immature.
3. Etymology: from Latin adolescent from adolescere, "to be nourished, to grow up". This is also the source of English adult from alere, "to nourish".
A teenager who acts like a baby when you don't treat him like an adult.
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adolescent crisis (s) (noun), adolescent crises (pl)
The physiological and emotional changes which occur during teenage years and constitute a sudden demand on the ego for any unusual adaptational responses.
albescent (adjective), more albescent, most albescent
Regarding something growing or becoming white; shading or passing into white: The painter told Mrs. Clark that the fresh paint would turn into an albescent color, or a very pale milklike tint after drying.
The state of being arborescent; the resemblance to a tree in minerals, or crystallizations, or groups of crystals in that form; as, the arborescence produced by precipitating silver.
Having the size, form, appearance, or characteristics of a tree; treelike; branching.
bioluminescent (adjective), more bioluminescent, most bioluminescent
1. Related to living organisms that emit radiance: Fireflies are bioluminescent creatures.
2. A reference to the production of radiation by living organisms as a result of the oxidation of a light-producing substance (luciferin) by the enzyme luciferase and occurs in many marine organisms and insects; such as, the firefly, etc.: Jonathan reported to his botany class about his strange and disturbing walk through the woods when he saw bioluminescent fungi glimmering in the dark.
Slow in healing; said of cuts, lacerations, etc.