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1. Going through the period of adolescence; such as, adolescent males and females.
2. Typical of someone who is immature.
3. Etymology: from Latin adolescent from adolescere, "to be nourished, to grow up". This is also the source of English adult from alere, "to nourish".
A teenager who acts like a baby when you don't treat him like an adult.
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adolescent (s) (noun), adolescents (pl)
1. A person growing up from childhood to adulthood, especially one from about 12 to about 20 years of age; youth, teenager, teen, minor: Over 70 percent of today’s adolescents are expected to finish high school.
2. Teenager, juvenile: The presentations of many movies about life is primarily geared to adolescents.

The words adolescent and "adult" come from different forms of the Latin verb adolescere, "to grow up", and in Latin they mean “growing up” and “grown-up”, respectively.

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adolescent crisis (s) (noun), adolescent crises (pl)
The physiological and emotional changes which occur during teenage years and constitute a sudden demand on the ego for any unusual adaptational responses.
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Teenager: An adolescent whose hang-ups do not involve his or her clothes.
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