ergasio-, ergasi-, ergas-, ergat-

(Greek: work)

In zoology, an abnormal male ant that resembles a worker in certain characteristics.
A reference to an ant, or other social insect, in which the worker and the male characters are blended.
Having worker-like males.
ergatandrous, ergatandry, ergantaner
1. Pertaining to those ants in which the ergates [worker ants] appear to be males.
2. Having wingless males, said of certain ants.
ergataner, ergatoid
A male ant resembling a worker.
A worker ant.
ergatocracy (s) (noun), ergatocracies (pl)
A government that is dominated or controlled by workers or members of the working classes: In class Amanda's teacher was talking about ergatocracy and asked the students if it might be a good alternative to the present system of government.
ergatocratic (adjective), more ergatocratic, most ergatocratic
A reference to a government which is controlled by classes of workers: In one country there seemed to be an ergatocratic movement supported by the laboring classes to form their own administration.
A fertile female ant lacking wings and therefore resembling an ergate (a worker ant).
A reference to social insects in which worker and female characters are blended.
Having worker-like females, as in some social insects.
A social insect with normal male characteristics and a worker-like body; an ergataner.
A social insect with normal male genitalia and a worker-like body; an ergatoid male; an ergataner.

Cross references related to "work, toil" word families: argo-; ergo-; labor-; oper-; pono-; urg-.