albumino-, albumi-, albumin-, albumini-, albumo-

(Latin: the color white)

This unit is directly related to the albo-, -albify unit.

A white fibrous tissue layer, such as the tunica albuginea (a dense white collagenous tunic surrounding a structure).
Of or resembling the white fibrous tissue of the eye and of the testicle.
Incision into any "tunica albuginea".
1. Of the nature of the white of an egg, albuminous.
2. Resembling the boiled white of an egg.
3. Relating to any tunica albuginea.
Inflammation of any one of the albugineous tissues or tunics.
1. A disease of the eye, in which a white opaque spot forms upon the transparent cornea.
2. The white of an egg; albumen.
1. In Roman Antiquity, a tablet on which the praetor's edicts and other public notices were recorded for public information; afterwards extended to other lists.
2. A blank book in which to insert autographs, memorial verses, original drawings, or other souvenirs.
3. A book at public places in which visitors enter their names.

According to Samuel Johnson in his A Dictionary of the English Language, an album is a book in which foreigners have long been accustomed to inserting the autographs of celebrated people.

1. The white of an egg.
2. The substance which exists nearly pure in the white of an egg, and forms a constituent of animal solids and fluids, and of the tuberous or fleshy roots, and seeds of plants.
albumenize (verb), albumenizes; albumenized; albumenizing
To coat or to impregnate a surface or material with a water-soluble protein: In order to albumenize glass or paper with albumin, which is found in blood, plasma, egg whites, milk, and in animal and plant tissues, it first must be coagulated with heat.
1. A type of simple protein, varieties of which are widely distributed throughout the tissues and fluids of plants and animals; albumins are soluble in pure water, precipitable from solution by strong acids, and coagulable by heat in acid or neutral solution.
2. A common water-soluble protein coagulated by heat, found in egg white, blood plasma, and milk.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "white": albo-; leuco-.