-al; -ial, -eal

(Latin: suffix; pertaining to, like, of the kind of, relating to, characterized by, belonging to; action of, process of)

antibacterial (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to something that destroys bacteria: Two common antibacterial agents are chlorine and bleach.
antiboreal (adjective) (not countable)
Pertaining to the southern hemisphere: Jack learned that some countries, like Australia and New Zealand, were antiboreal, while others, like Canada and the U.S.A. were considered to be boreal.
antimalarial (s) (noun), antimalarials (pl)
A substance that stops or prevents malaria: In her medical class, Susan learned that antimalarial was used effectively in the treatment of malaria, a very serious disease caused by mosquitoes.
apicial (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the the root of a tooth or the root tip: Dr. Small explained that Joan's apicial part of her tooth was infected and had to be treated.
apodal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Characteristic of the condition of being footless: Example of apodal animals are snakes and eels, all naturally without feet or footlike appendages.
2. In medicine, the congenital absence of feet at birth: Unfortunately, there are some apodal people who have been born without feet or who are even legless.
apterygial (adjective) (not comparable)
In zoology, pertaining to an animal that is devoid of limbs, fins, or wings: Two examples of apterygial creatures are the eel and the snake.
arachnidial (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the Arachnida: The arachnidial creatures that were crawling along on the sand were scorpions, and so Jane thought it best to avoid them!
arachnoideal (adjective) (not comparable)
An unnecessary variant of "arachnoid", or having the appearance or texture of a spider's web: The drawing of one of the meninges in Jane's biology book was a good representation of an arachnoideal membrane which envelops the brain and spinal cord.
arboreal (adjective), more arboreal, most arboreal
1. Relating to or resembling a tree or trees: The arboreal protection in the park provided lots of shade for the picnickers.
2. Pertaining to a habitat in trees, such as birds or animals: There are arboreal apes, gibbons, and squirrels among other arboreal creatures.
3. Descriptive of an adaption for life in trees: Sam and Mary discovered a variety of arboreal birds which were living in the trees down by the river.
Pertaining to trees or inhabiting trees like arboreal animals or birds.
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Relating to or like a tree.
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Pertaining to or similar to a tree or trees.
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arctogeal (adjective), more arctogeal, most arctogeal
Referring to arctic area or region: When reading her book, Lynn found out that certain fauna, like the polar bear and the arctic-fox, were andimals that lived in the <)>arctogeal lands.
arterial (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to an artery: Dr. Thompson told Jim that his arterial blood absorbed oxygen in the lungs and was red.
2. Referring to a major road: While driving, Mary followed the arterial street that had many side streets branching off to the right and to the left.
arthrodial (adjective), more arthrodial, most arthrodial
Descriptive of joints, such as those in the spinal column which articulate between semi-flat surfaces: A common complaint among some gym users is that they have aching arthodial areas in their backs.
artificial (adjective), more artificia, mostl artificial
1. Referring to something made by human skill; produced by humans: In the shop, Mary saw some beautiful artificial flowers made of silk, as, opposed to naturally grown flowers.
2. Descriptive of something that is imitated; simulated; sham: Barbara used artificial vanilla flavoring when baking her cake.
3. Pertaining to the lack of naturalness or spontaneity; forced; contrived; feigned: Sally greeted the guests with an artificial smile.
4. Concerning something that is full of affectation; affected; stilted: The guests felt very uncomfortable and showed artificial manners in their behaviour and spoke in an artificial way..
5. Relating to something made without regard to the particular needs of a situation, person, etc.; imposed arbitrarily; unnatural: Jack thought the club presented artificial rules for membership.
6. Based on arbitrary, superficial characteristics rather than natural, organic relationships: The botanists presented an artificial system of classification for the plants.
7. Concerning something manufactured to resemble a natural gem in jewelry, with chemical composition, and appearance: The artificial stone in Lynn's ring glistened in the sun.
ascidial (s) (adjective), more ascidial, most ascidial
Certain specialized, or abnormal floral leaves: The ascidial foliage is shaped like a pitcher, like those of the pitcher plant.
asocial (adjective), more asocial, most asocial
1. Referring to the condition of being unable or unwilling to conform to normal standards of behavior with other people: Helena was a very asocial individual who always did what she wanted despite what was typically acceptable by others.
2. Pertaining to the inconsideration of others and more interested in oneself than in other people: Hector’s mother was always cautioning him not to be such an asocial person when he was playing with other children on the playground.