dis-, di-, dif-

(Latin: separation, apart, asunder; removal, away, from; negation, deprivation, undoing, reversal, utterly, completely; in different directions)

The meaning of dis- varies with different words; dif-, assimilated form of dis- before f; di-, form of dis- before b, d, g, l, m, n, r, and v.

indisposedness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A kind of illness; especially, one that makes a person incapable of doing something: Mrs. Lawson's indisposedness made it necessary for the class to have a substitute instructor for the next few days.
indisposition (s) (noun), indispositions (pl)
An illness that is not severe; a reluctance or disinclination to do something: Janet's indisposition kept her home from school for three days.
Quotes: Apathy, Indifference