contra-, contro-, counter, contre-

(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)

controversy (s) (noun), controversies (pl)
A dispute between people who can't agree with each other: The controversy between Tom's parents and him was about the curfew, or the time, that he had to be home in the evening.
A dispute, strife, or an argument.
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counter (s) (noun), counters (pl)

When the President of the United States has opinions which are sometimes counter to those of Congress, he is known to encounter opposition.

counteract (verb), counteracts; counteracted; counteracting
1. To oppose and to mitigate the effects of something by contrary action; to check: Doug and his family are planning some practical measures to counteract the high costs of gas for their car, like driving less or even selling their car!
2. To prevent something from having an effect, or to lessen its effect; to offset: The medicine that Jack took was supposed to counteract the tiredness he was experiencing.
counteraction (s) (noun), counteractions (pl)
1. A measure intended to nullify the effects of some previous measure: Without any counteraction, Tom's financial problems with lavish spending will get worse and worse!
2. Am action to make ineffective, to restrain, or to neutralize the usually ill effects of something: A counteraction can be produced by means of an opposite force, action, or influence.
counteractive (adjective), more counteractive, Most counteractive
Regarding something that opposes, neutralizes, or mitigates an effect by an opposite action: Enjoying ice cream and cake produce a counteractive effect on going on a diet to lose weight!
counteractively (adverb), morevcounteractively, most counteractively
Characterizing how an action results in opposition to something else: Little Ivy tried to help her mother with hanging up the laundry, but it was achieved counteractively by causing her mother extra work and taking up so much more time!
counteragitation (s) (noun), counteragitations (pl)
A turmoil or turbulence that opposes the disturbance of another person or group: The counteragitation caused by the protesters of one political party fighting against the other rival political party in the city could hardly be controlled by the police.