contra-, contro-, counter, contre-

(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)

contravener (s) (noun), contraveners (pl)
Someone who goes against agreements or who conflicts or defies certain situations that exist.
contravention (s) (noun), contraventions (pl)
An action of not complying to an obligation or agreement; violation: Jack committed a crime by shoplifting and had to accept the responsibility for his contravention.
contretemps (s) (noun), contretemps (pl)
1. An unfortunate circumstance, especially an awkward or embarrassing one: A contretemps, or an unlucky incident, happened when the applicant for the job bumped into the back of the car which belonged to the owner of the company!
2. A mishap or embarrassing occurrence: Contretemps can take place during a ballet when a dancer stumbles or slips by mistake.
3. Etymology: from French : contre-, against which came from Latin contr-, "against" + tempus, "time"; literally, "against the time".
An awkward or unlucky mishap.
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An embarassing incident.
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controversial (adjective), more controversial, most controversial
1. Descriptive of a subject, opinion, or decision about which people disagree or do not approve of: For some, dinner table conversation about sports is often one of the most controversial subjects that can result in strong disagreements.
2. Provoking strong disagreement or disapproval: The candidate for mayor was advocating free clinics for those who were addictive to drugs, which developed into a lot of controversial opinions among the people in the town.
3. Enjoying or habitually engaging in disputes; especially, a public one between sides holding opposing views: The controversial subject of allowing farm fowl to live in the city resulted in groups aligning up on one side or the other to debate the topic.
Characteristic of arguments or disputes about things that people do not agree about.
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1. A disagreement about a contentious topic which is strongly felt or expressed by all of those who are concerned.
2. Relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument .