ag-, agen-, act-, agi-, agit-

(Latin: to set in motion, to hurry, to shake; to drive; to do, to act; to lead, to conduct, to guide)

1. Not physically moved or disturbed.
2. Not mentally disturbed; not stirred or excited by emotion or unrest.
unambiguity (s) (noun), unambiguities (pl)
Clarity or clearness which is achieved by the avoidance of vagueness or lacking of understanding: The unambiguity and preciseness of the statements of how the accident happened were presented by the witness during the trial.
unambiguous (un" am BIG yoo uhs) (adjective), more unambiguous, most unambiguous
A reference to something that has no uncertainty but is clearly expressed: In order for her chemistry students to understand everything with preciseness, Mrs. Smith was absolutely unambiguous in explaining the procedures for properly completing the test.
unmitigated (adjective), more unmitigated, most unmitigated
1. Not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity.
2. Not decreased or eased in any way.
3. Not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; unrelieved: "He was experiencing unmitigated suffering."
4. Without qualification or exception; absolute: "She told the police officer an unmitigated lie about how she was driving."
A reference to being an absolute liar
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Relating to being untrue and false
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Conveying a bad trick or being a scamp.
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variegate (verb), variegates; variegated; variegating
1. To change the appearance of, especially by marking with different colors; to streak: Nature is constantly variegating all kinds of flowers with different forms, odors, and various hues and tinges.
2. To give variety to or to include many different things: Sam variegated his working years with several different occupations.
To modify the appearance of someone or something with different colors.
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variegation (s) (noun), variegations (pl)
viscerosomatic reaction (s) (noun), viscerosomatic reactions (pl)
A response that occurs in the muscles of the body was as a result o thef stimulation of the nerves in one or more of the internal organs of the body: The delicate post-surgical instruments were able to track the viscerosomatic reactions of the abdominal muscles in the patiet's body