element-, elemen-

(Latin: first principle, rudiment, primitive form)

element (s) (noun), elements (pl)
1. A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.
2. The basic assumptions or principles of a subject.
3. A substance composed of atoms having an identical number of protons in each nucleus. Certain elements can't be reduced to simpler substances by normal chemical means.
4. One of four substances: earth, air, fire, or water; formerly regarded as a fundamental constituent of the universe.
5. The resistance wire in an electrical appliance; such as, a heater or an oven.
6. The forces that constitute the weather; especially, severe or inclement weather: Outdoors, the paint on Jim's house had been damaged by the elements.
7. An environment naturally suited to or associated with an individual: Henry is in his element when he is traveling.

The business world is Hazel's element.

8. A distinct group within a larger community: There is an opposition element in the President's staff and cabinet.
9. Etymology: from Latin elementum, "first principle, rudiment, component, ingredient".
elemental (adjective), more elemental, most elemental
1. A reference to the forces of the atmosphere; especially, of the weather: The storm showed elemental strength in its violence.
2. Relating to a simple but powerful or natural condition: Hunger is an elemental feeling that a person has.
3. A reference to the forces of nature: Primitive peoples have been known to worship elemental gods; such as, the sun or lightning and thunder.
elementary (el" uh MEN ter ee) (adjective), more elementary, most elementary
1. A reference to the simple necessary parts to be learned first; such as, the first principles or the introductory aspects: Karl was taking a course in elementary botany.
2. Relating to the first steps or the beginning facts and principles of anything: Jim's little boy learned addition and subtraction in elementary arithmetic.
Pertaining to deaing with the simplest facts of a topic.
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elementary particle (s) (noun), elementary particles (pl)
In physics, one of the fundamental units of which matter is composed: The elementary particles include the electron, the proton, and the neutron.
elementary school (s) (noun), elementary schools (pl)
Pertaining to basic or primary instruction: Six-year old Kelly is going to elementary school.

Primary classes are the first grade levels of an elementary school.

elementomics (noun) (a plural form used as a singular)
The study of substances of interest and species and their interactions, transformations, and functions in biological systems.

Focusing on the distributions and compositions of all metalloproteins in proteome, and the characterization of their structures and functions, may be regarded as the overlap of metallomics and proteomics.

Elementomics includes research in:

  • Quantification of elements of interest in biological systems.
  • The distributions of researched elements in biological systems.
  • The specific element-assisted functions of biosciences in medicine, environment science, food science, agriculture, toxicology, biochemistry, etc.