descry, descrier

(Latin: write down, perceive, catch sight of; to see, to look for)

descrier (di SKRIGH uhr) (s) (noun), descriers (pl)
Someone who can see or locate things that are not easy to discern nor to perceive and detect: While driving home after work, Julia was fortunate in being a good descrier because she was able to arrive safely even though there was a heavy snowstorm going on at the time.
descry (di SKRIGH) (verb), descries; descried; descrying
1. To see an object that is unclear or distant by looking carefully for details: To descry is to convey in words the appearance, nature, attributes, etc., of something or someone.

To descry also means to express the vividness of personal observations of tangible entities or scenes that can be seen by others.

Tom and Bill had gone more than a mile and had begun to descry the first houses of the village, the red-tiled roofs of which stood out from the green trees which surrounded them.

2. Etymology: via old French descrier, "to proclaim, to decry; from Latin describere, "to write down, to catch sight of" which also had the meaning "to perceive".
To discover by observation or investigation.
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undescried (uhn" di SKRIGH) (adjective), more undescried, most undescried
A reference to being unable to locate something by sight nor to recognize it: Because of the dense fog near Jake's home, he could not see the undescried mountains.