(Latin: scorn, disgraceful; shameful conduct, insulting, disrespectful, contemptuous remarks)

nonopprobrious (adjective), more nonopprobrious, most nonopprobrious
Conveying flattering praises and laudable compliments: The singer received nonopprobrious cheers for her performance despite the fact that she forgot some of the lyrics of one of the songs.
nonopprobriously (adverb), more nonopprobriously, most nonopprobriously
Relating to having a good opinion about someone or something and not critical: Despite Jim's failure at accomplishing his assignment as a reporter, his editor was nonopprobriously telling him that it was obvious that he did his best under the circumstances.
nonopprobriousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
A praiseworthy accomplishment: Although Ted's failure to get the highest score on the final exam, his teacher considered his nonopproiousness to still be very outstanding.
opprobrious (uh PROH bree uhs) (adjective), more opprobrious, most opprobrious
1. Relating to remarks or comments that are expressed in denunciations and in an abusive, or a malicious and vilifying way: The editorial in the newspaper made opprobrious statements about the immoral behavior of the mayor.

Adam's opprobrious co-worker in the sales department of the company was fired and so he lashed out at his supervisor with condemnations that included such terms as: "coward, liar, nefarious," and "corrupt".

2. Etymology: from Late Latin opprobriosus; from Latin opprobare, "to reproach, to taunt"; from ob, "against" + probrum, "reproach, infamy".
Pertaining to disrespectful or contemptuous remarks made by someone.
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opprobriously (adverb), more opprobriously, most opprobriously
Behavior that is considered to be shameful, contemptible, and unacceptable: The student had such opprobriously bad behavior with his vulgar remarks in class that the teacher had the principal suspend him until a parent-administrator conference could take place.
opprobriousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. Exceedingly shameful conduct; ignominy or public disgust.
2. Scornful and contemptible or corrupt behavior.
opprobrium (uh PROH bree uhm) (s) (noun), opprobriums (pl)
1. A scornful, contemptible, or severe criticism of a person or something: The city council is going ahead with its plan to raise taxes despite the people's opprobrium that condemns such action.
2. Shame or disgrace which stems from disreputable behavior: The actor's opprobrium with young women terminated his career as a performer.
3. Etymology: from Latin approbare, "to reproach, to condemn"; from probrum, "disgrace"; literally "something brought before another person".
A dishonor resulting from a shameful behavior.
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A disgrace which comes from some shameful action.
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The loss of other people's respect as a result of bad conduct or behavior .
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