sept-, septi-, septo-

(Latin: a partition; a dividing wall between two spaces, tissues, or cavities; from saepire "to enclose, to hedge in", and from saepes, "fence, hedge")

atrioseptoplasty (s) (noun), atrioseptoplasties (pl)
Repair of an atrial septal defect (wall between the upper chamber of the heart) by means of plastic surgery.
atrioseptostomy (s) (noun), atrioseptostomies (pl)
Establishment of a communication between the two upper chambers of the heart.
lingual septum (s) (noun), lingual septa (pl)
A sheet of connective tissue that separates the two halves of the togue.
septal (adejective), more septal, most septal
A reference to or relating to a partition or a dividing wall between two spaces or cavities .
septal defect (s) (noun), septal defects (pl)
A heart abnormality, developed before birth, in which there is a hole in the partition between the left and right sides of the heart: "The septal defect is commonly known as a hole in the heart, but it varies in its effects, depending on the size and the position of the defect."

"When the hole is in the septum (dividing wall) separating the two ventricles (lower chambers of the heart), the abnormality is known as a ventricular sepal defect; when it is in the septum between the two atria (upper chambers), it is called an atrial septal defect."

"If the septal defect hole is very large, the misdirection of blood results in a greatly reduced oxygen supply to the tissues and excessive blood flow through the lungs."

"With a large septal defect, or ventricular hole, heart failure may develop six to eight weeks after birth of the child, causing breathlessness, feeding difficulties, pallor, and sweating."

"Modern surgery is considered to be so effective in dealing with large septal defects that it now enables most people who are affected to lead normal lives."

—Compiled from information located in
The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia; Volume 2;
Random House; New York; 1989; page 894.
septarian (adjective), more septarian, most septarian
A reference to stones of spherical shapes that have become cracked while drying in which the open spaces formed from the center have been filled with minerals, usually calcite, barite, etc.: "Such septarian nodules, or rounded stones, are usually abundant in various kinds of shale stones."
septarium (s) (noun), septaria (pl)
1. In geology, a concretionary (stone-like) nodule (round lump), typically consisting of ironstone, having radial cracks like waves that are filled with calcite or another mineral: "While traveling in the country, Jake and Jill were admiring the septaria near the mountains."
2. Etymology: from Latin septum, "enclosure".
septate (adjective), more septate, most septate
Having a divided wall: "The female patient had a septate uterus."
septomarginal (adjective), more septomarginal, most septomarginal
Pertaining to a margin or the border of a partition that divides two cavities.
septometer (s) (noun), septometers (pl)
Calipers or a tool for measuring the width of the nasal division.
septonasal (adjective), more septonasal, most septonasal
Pertaining to or relating to the dividing wall that runs down the middle of the nose so that there are normally two sides to the nose, each ending in a nostril: "The patient had his septonasal bone broken during the football game and so he had to get the doctor to treat his nose."
septonasal (adjective), more septonasal, most septonasal
Concerning the division between the two nostrils or external openings of the cavities in the nose.
septoplasty (s) (noun), septoplasties (pl)
Plastic surgery of the division between the two nostrils of the nose.
septorhinoplasty (s) (noun), septorhinoplasties (pl)
A combined operation to repair defects or deformities of the nasal devision and the external nasal pyramid: "Cosmetic, or septorhinoplasty, is surgery that is done to improve the appearance of a person's nose in order to restore a person's preinjury appearance or to create a normal appearance."

"Laura arranged to have a septorhinoplasty because her nose was broken in an accident so she asked a doctor to perform the facial cosmetic procedure in order to enhance the appearance of her nose during which, the nasal cartilage and bones would be modified, and if necessary, tissue would also be added."

septulum (s) (noun), septula (pl)
A small dividing wall, a partition, or a separating membrane between two spaces.