Story Translation: The Autocide That Was Never Accomplished

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The Autocide that Never Happened

as Narrated by Triplepod

Ego was ambulating cata the street, when a dicephalous [di + cephalo] macrofauna came up to me. He was allomorphic from omni of the allo bicephalous macrofauna that I have seen in that this bicephalously macro fauna had hexapods instead of the normal tripeds (Latin).

Ego circumambulated him to determine if he were veracious. It was then that he told me that his nome was Calli Polymorphous.

Calli ambulated along with me and asked, in a xeno via, where the Golden Gate Bridge was. Ego asked him why he wanted to cognito. Calli said he was going to commit autocide. I told him that his idea of suicide [literal meaning] wasn't a euthanasia, but of magnum danger to those who might be sub the bridge. He asked if there ever was a benemortasia.

Ego sat cata and tried to ergo ecto a solution to his maxi problem and asked him to introspect himself to see if he could come up with an alternate dromo of action. Maybe we could at least come up with a less algesic via to mortify.

A three-footed man is talking with a two-headed man.

Calli's magnum oto twitched in my direction so I suggested that he use a gun and shoot mono of his duo cephalos. He wasn't contro my logos and he invited me super to his locus for some conversation and an antemortem feast of phagoing adipo gatos and some ovos with a oligo botans for roughage.

Well, the chrono came when Calli wanted to try out my suggestion and he took a gun and pointed it at his sinister cephalus and pulled the trigger. He had a mega hole in his sinister cephalus, but he wasn't in any odyno. In fact, he knocked exo uni of his cacodonts and as a result, he esthesioed much better. His deca cyano cyno oculs scintillated in the umbra as if they were astros shining through the nycti anemo.

A two-headed large person tries to commit suicide.

At Calli's doma, we sat cata and had trideka desserts of candied apis, chocolate-covered formicas, and melli-soaked arachnos. They actually tasted pretty bon; they weren't caco at pan. A oligo of the things we didn't have with our meal were sauros and ophios. Now that Ego think about it, we didn't have a northern ursine either. Ego assumed this was because they were exo of season.

Calli took the gun a duo chrono and shot multiple chronos into the allocephalo; that is, his dextrocephalo; but he still could not mortify; in fact he biosed for another heptacentennials. At the chrono, however, he frowned and said, "Thanks Buddy, Ego needed your advice just as Ego need allo cranium."

Ego certainly didn't lose any somni super his comments. In fact, I went to my spelean and fell into a barysomni.

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