tep-, tepi-

(Latin: warm, lukewarm; slightly warm)

Where would a Roman citizen be if he or she had to pass through the calidarium, the tepidarium, and the frigidarium?

—The Roman baths.
Slightly tepid, slightly warm, or moderately warm.
1. Characterized by being slightly or just barely moderate and mild.
2. A condition whereby a person is very unemotional, halfhearted, and apathetic.
3. Having only a hint of force or enthusiasm which is almost indiscernable or just barely discernible (perceptible by the senses or intellect).
A reference to something that is slightly warm; that is, almost cold.
A condition of being slightly warm.
1. The action or procedure of warming, and so, making something tepid or moderately warm.
2. Etymology: from Latin tepefacio; composed of tepidus, "warm" + facio, "to make".
tepefy, tepefies, tepefying, tepefied
To make or to become tepid, lukewarm, or slightly warm.
1. Moderately warm or slightly warm; lukewarm.
2. Lacking in emotional warmth or enthusiasm.
3. Characterized by a lack of force or enthusiasm; halfhearted.
4. Etymology: from Latin tepidus, "lukewarm", from tepere, "to be warm".
tepid bath
The act of soaking or cleansing the body or any of its parts in moderately-warm water.
tepid, torpid
tepid (TEP id) (adjective)
Lukewarm; lacking in enthusiasm or passion: "The tea in his cup has become tepid and had to be refreshed with more hot tea."

"Her tepid personality was a guise for a brilliant mind."

torpid (TOR pid) (adjective)
Sluggish, apathetic; bringing about listlessness: "The heat and humidity created such a torpid feeling that all he could do was to lie in the shade of the trees."

The heat of the day made her feel very torpid; unfortunately, she was unable to gain any relief by swimming in the lake because the water was just too tepid.

tepidarium (s) (noun), tepidaria (pl)
The warm, tepidus, a warm bathing room of the Roman baths heated by an underfloor heating system: "The specialty of a tepidarium was the pleasant feeling of constant radiant heat which directly affected the bathers from the walls and floor."

"The Tepidarium in the Roman thermae was a great central hall around which all the other halls were connected, and it provided the key to the setup of the thermae."

"The tepidaria were probably the halls where the bathers first got together before going through the various hot baths (Caldaria) or taking the cold bath (Frigidarium)."

1. A reference to being lukewarm; such as, water.
2. Characterized by a lack of force or enthusiasm: "His novel was described as a piece of tepid prose."
1. A warmness resembling the temperature of the skin.
2. A lack of passion, force or animation.
3. The quality of having a moderate degree of heat; such as, having an agreeable warmth, or tepidness, in the building.
A Latin term meaning: warm, lukewarm.

This word is linked to the Latin verb tepeo, "to be warm".