sinic-, Sino-

(Latin: Chinese, from Medieval Latin Sinicus, "Chinese", from Sina, "China", from Late Latin Sinae, "the Chinese"; Sino-, "Chinese people, language, etc.")

Something that was made Chinese in form or character, or the Chinese influence increased on something.
1. The act of sinicizing (making something Chinese in form or character.
2. Increasing Chinese influence on something or a place.
1. A custom or trait peculiar to the Chinese.
2. A Chinese method, custom, or usage.
Sinicization, sinicization
To make Chinese in character, to change or to modify by Chinese influence.
Facing sinicization, Inner Mongolians are becoming more aware of their past
—An article title by Ed Peters
in Time magazine, October 20, 2008; page 55.
sinicize, sinicizes, sinicizing
1. To acquire a Chinese idiom, form, or cultural trait, or to give someone or something a Chinese idiom, form, or cultural trait.
2. To make something Chinese in form or character, or to increase the Chinese influence on something.
A reference to the study of the Chinese and especially their language, literature, history, and culture.
Sinologist, sinologist (s); Sinologists, sinologists (pl) (nouns)
A student of Chinese history, language, and culture.
Sinologue, sinologue
1. A student, or specialist, of Chinese.
2. Someone who is versed in the Chinese language, literature, and history.
Sinology, some say: Chinology (s) (nouns)
The study of the Chinese civilization, language, literature, history, etc.: "Sinology is the study of Chinese culture, including their language, literature, etc."
Sinophile, sinophile
Someone who admires or is a lover of China, its people, and/or its culture.
Sinophilia, sinophilia
An admiration for the people, culture, etc. of China.
Sinophobia, sinophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A hostility toward China, its people, and things related to China: Sinophobia is a way of thinking opposed to China's culture, history, government, etc. and is often aimed at those minorities living in other countries.
2. An aversion of Chinese-made goods or of products that are labeled "Made in China": Sinophobia is what Mary's mother had because she never wanted to buy any articles which came from China, although they were as good as the items from other countries.
sinophobic (adjective); more sinophobic, most sinophobic
1. A reference to a dislike of China: Thomas seemingly had a sinophobic opinion of China because he never wanted to go there on a trip and learn about its people, its culture, food, etc.
2. Descriptive of an anxiety of Chinese produced food and manufactured products: Some people have sinophobic antipathies concerning goods coming from China which may be poisonous or cause illnesses, such as toys, milk, eggs, etc.