cheiro-, cheir-, chiro-, chir-, -cheiria, -chiria +

(Greek: hand; pertaining to the hand or hands)

telecheiric, telechiric (adjective), more telecheiric, telechiric, most telecheiric, telechiric
Relating to the application of a device which carries out manipulative operations under the control of a person who is not in the immediate vicinity, but who receives feedback from sensors in the device; also applied to a process or system involving such devices.
telecheirograph, telechirograph (s) (noun); telecheirographs, telechirographs (pl)
A telautograph or a telegraphic apparatus by which writing or drawing is done with a pen or pencil at the transmitting end and which is reproduced in facsimile at the receiving end, by means of an electric current conveyed along a wire, and (in the usual forms of the instrument) communicating movements to the receiving pen corresponding to those made with the transmitting pen or pencil.
tetracheirus, tetrachirus
A deformed fetus with four hands.