cheiro-, cheir-, chiro-, chir-, -cheiria, -chiria +

(Greek: hand; pertaining to the hand or hands)

cheirokinesthesia, chirokinesthesia (s) (noun); cheirokinesthesias; chirokinesthesias (pl)
1. A subjective sensation of hand movements: Brian was aware of the cheirokinesthesia of his left hand reaching instinctively for the paint brush.
2. The sense of awareness of movements of the hand, as in writing: Berth was aware via cheirokinesthesia that her right hand was clutching the pen too tightly.
cheirokinesthetic, chirokinesthetic (adjective); more cheirokinesthetic, most cheirokinesthetic; more chirokinesthetic, most chirokinesthetic
Describing or referring to the sensing of, or being aware of, the movements of the hands: Millie’s cheirokinesthetic awareness of her hand movements was particularly noticeable when she held her hands at her back.
cheirologist, chirologist
1. A person who communicates thoughts by signs made with the hands and fingers.
2. Someone who makes the hand a subject of study.
cheirology, chirology
1. The technique of communicating by signs made with the hands and fingers; especially, in the manual alphabets used by the deaf and mute.
2. The study of the hand.
3. Telling fortunes by lines on the palm of the hand; synonyms: palmistry, palm reading, chiromancy.
cheiromachy, chiromachy (s) (noun); cheiromachies, chiromachies (pl)
Hand-to-hand combat; fist fighting.
cheiromance, chiromance
1. To divine or tell fortunes by cheiromancy or chiromancy.
2. To practice cheiromancy or chiromancy.
cheiromancer, chiromancer
A fortuneteller who predicts one's future by the lines on person's palms; synonyms: palmist, palmister.
cheiromancy, chiromancy
Divination by the hand; the art of telling the characters and fortunes of people by inspection of their hands; palmistry.
Cheiromancy or palm reading divination.
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Ah, yes, your manly hand indicates that there is a new woman who wants to be in your life.
[Her private thought is, I'm hoping that I might be that woman.]

A fortune teller is someone who tells an unmarried man there's a woman in his future, and tells a married man there's a future in his woman.

—Modified from an Evan Esar quote, Esar's Comic Dictionary.

A cheiromantist is a fortune-teller who palms herself off as a hand reading expert or one who sees prosperity on every hand.

—Evan Esar, Esar's Comic Dictionary.
cheiromantic, chiromantic
A reference to cheiromancy or chiromancy.
cheiromegaly, chiromegaly
1. Enlargement of one or both hands which may be seen in syringomyelia (condition characterized by the formation of a central fluid-containing cavity in the substance of the spinal cord).
2. Enlargement of the hands, wrists, or ankles.
cheironomy, chironomy
The art of moving the hands in oratory or in pantomime; gestures made with the hands; pantomimic.
cheiroplast, chiroplast
An instrument to guid the hands and fingers of pupils in playing on the piano, etc.
cheiroplasty, chiroplasty
1. Any plastic surgery on the hand or hands.
2. The surgical repair of a defect or trauma to the hands.
cheiropodalgia, chiropodalgia
Pain in the extremities; such as, fingers, toes, hands, feet, etc.).
cheiropodist, chiropodist
1. A medical doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of the feet; a podiatrist.
2. Originally it referred to someone who treated diseases of the hands and feet; then it became restricted to a person who treated corns and bunions.