astut-, astu-

(Latin: artful, cunning; shrewd, crafty)

astucious (uh STOO shuhs) (adjective), more astucious, most astucious
1. Conveying the qualities of being smart, cleaver, or calculating: Sam is considered to be an astucious politician who is able to resolve many problems for his government.
2. Relating to cunning, crafty, or deceitful actions when dealing with people: Joyce was shocked when she received the final bill for repairs to her house from the astucious contractor and saw that he was charging her double the cost of the work they had agreed to before.
3. Etymology: from Latin astus which has either a good sense of "adroitness" and "dexterity" or an unacceptable application of being "crafty, deceitful", and "cunning", as illustrated below.
astucity (s) (noun), astucities (pl)
A thorough and profound understanding that comes from a scholarly or experienced mind which is in full command of a special field: Mike had an astucity which provided him with the necessary skills that he needed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the plans for reorganizing his business to meet the new economic conditions.
astute (uh STOOT, uh STYOOT) (adjective), astuter, astutest
1. Shrewd and discerning; especially, where personal benefit is to be accomplished: Bernhard was an astute administrator in that he was good at judging situations and people and using such knowledge to make good decisions.
2. Having or showing the ability to notice and to understand circumstances clearly: As a journalist, Roger was an astute observer of economic conditions and he was able to clearly analyze them and present them so his readers could understand them better.
3. Marked by practical hardheaded intelligence: Douglas was an astute borrower of money and he was also an astute reader of the small print in contracts.
4. Etymology: from Latin astutus, "crafty", from astus, "guile, cunning".
Shrewd and intelligent.
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Shrewd and cunning.
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astutely (uh STOOT li) (adverb), more astutely, most astutely
1. Characteristic of having, or showing, shrewdness and special skills to solve problems: In English literature, Sherlock Holmes was presented as an astutely wise detective who could solve illegal acts that left the other crime fighters baffled!
2. Descriptive of being sly and shrewd when advising customers: Mac was a lawyer who was suspected of having astutely advantageous ways with his wealthier clients.
astuteness (uh STOOT nuhs) (s) (noun), astutenesses (pl)
Having, or showing, an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turning these skills to one's advantage: Those who are fortunate enough to have adequate astutenesses have keen insights and perceptions and so they are not easily mislead or fooled.
Virtute non astutia. (Latin statement)
Translation: "By excellence, not by cunning."