(Latin: to suggest indirectly, to hint)

intimate (IN tuh mayt") (verb), intimates; intimated; intimating
1. To hint at something or to let something be known in a quiet, indirect, or subtle way: When Ellen was asked about her opinion regarding a certain man's honesty, she remained silent and wouldn't make a comment, which apparently was intimating that she didn't believe the guy to be trustworthy.

Someone can intimate a good deal with a wink or a shrug of the shoulders.

2. To announce something formally: During the business meeting, George was intimating that he would be retiring as the Chief Executive Officer at the end of the year.
3. Etymology: from 1538, "to communicate" or "to notify"; later, "to suggest indirectly" (1590, in Spenser's Faerie Queene); probably a back formation from intimation, modeled on Late Latin intimatus, past participle of intimare, "to make known" or "to announce".
To imply or to hint.
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To indirectly suggest a desire.
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intimated (IN tuh may" tid) (adjective), more intimated, most intimated
A reference to something that is slightly suggested or indicated: There were intimated signals that Karen's supervisor would be replaced with a different person in the near future.
intimater (s) (IN tuh may" tuhr) (noun), intimaters (pl)
Someone who makes something known; especially, publicly or formally: At the beginning of the assignment, Pete was an intimater who indicated that he thought the project could not be accomplished.

At the poker game, one man was an intimater who alluded that one of the players might be cheating.

Indirectly suggesting or intimating that someone might be cheating.
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intimation (s) (in" tuh MAY shuhn) (noun), intimations (pl)
1. An obscure or indirect suggestion or notice: Some intimations speak more strongly than words.
2. A declaration or remark communicating imperfect information: Patricia's friend left her without giving any previous intimation that he would never see her again.

Jerome said he wasn't given any intimation as to what he should do during the meeting.

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