felici-, felicit-

(Latin: happy, fortunate)

Giving or getting intense pleasure.
Felicitas habet multos amicos.
Prosperity has many friends.

When things are going financially well, one has many friends; when one's fortune is depleted, don't expect those same friends to be around.

felicitate restituta
With happiness restored.

Order of the Two Sicilies.

felicity (s) (noun), felicities (pl)
An instance of great happiness or great joy: Lynn was in a considerable state of felicity and ecstasy when her baby was born!
A condition of happiness.
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A state of feeling good.
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Pax et felicitas semper omnibus.
Peace and happiness always to all.

This motto came from a reader who said, "I have a tatoo that reads 'PAX ET FELICITAS SEMPER OMNIBUS'. See if any of your subscribers can translate that."

I sent him the translation above; as well as, the following:

"Peace and good fortune (or success) always to everyone."

-John Robertson
Sapientia felicitas.
Wisdom is happiness.

Motto of the University of Oxford, U.K.