(Latin: so much)

tantamount (adjective), more tantamount, most tantamount
1. Relating to a thing or action being equivalent, as in value, force, effect, outcome, or signification; also referring to something unpleasant: Don's angry speech was tantamount to his resignation as CEO of the company.

If something is tantamount to something else, it is the same or equal to it; such as, a man's silence was tantamount to an admission that he stole the purse from Sara.

Shirley responded with a facial expression that was tantamount to a refusal to go out with Richard when he asked her if she would go to a movie with him.

2. Etymology: from Latin tantus; from tam, "so" + amonter, "amount to, go up"; from Latin ad-, "to" + montem, "mountain".
Relating to a statement that is equivalent in value or effect to another one.
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Conveying an action that has the same meaning as one that is spoken.
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Tantum nobis creditum.
So much has been entrusted to us.

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