atroc-, atroci- +

(Latin: cruel, fierce; dark-looking, gloomy)

atrocious (adjective), more atrocious, most atrocious
1. Appallingly bad; abominable: Mary's little boy has atrocious behavior when he goes shopping with her.

The writer to the newspaper used atrocious grammar.

2. Extremely evil or cruel; monstrous: The military committed atrocious crimes against the citizens who rebelled against the government.
Writing that is in bad taste.
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Brutal, cruel, or wicked.
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1. In a terrible manner.
2. To an extravagant or immoderate degree.
3. With enormous cruelty or guilt.
The quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane.
atrocity, atrocities
1. The quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane.
2. An appalling act, situation, or object; especially, an act of unusual or illegal cruelty inflicted by an armed force on civilians or prisoners.