Venereal Terms: Names of Groups

(terms of Venery or group names from traditional terms of the hunt and some more modern creations that attempt to describe group characteristics of animals, humans, and groupings)

Venereal Terms (or traditional terminology) in these lists, or sections, are indicated with italics and "modern creations" are presented with normal text.

A column of accountants.
1. A cast of actors.
2. A company of actors.
3. A troupe of actors.
acupuncturist (s) (noun) (pl)
One who practices the procedure of inserting thin needles into a person't body to relieve an illness or pain: In order for Jim to become an acupuncturist, he had to study and learn about alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.
air conditioners
A drone of air conditioners.
1. A flight of airplanes.
2. A squadron of airplanes.
allergist (s) (noun), allergists (pl)
A medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of reactions to certain substances or materials that are hypersensitive to people and cause illnesses: The allergist conducts medical tests to diagnose which agents cause the patient to be have a rash or other illness.

When the allegist identifies the agent or agents that cause the ailment, he or she will recommend ways to avoid further exposure or put the patient on a regimen of medication to control the negative reactions to his or her health.

An ooze of amoebas.
1. A corps of anatomists.
2. A body of anatomists.
A host of angels.

Angels were considered warriors of God, from Latin hostis, "enemy". -Lipton

1. A herd of antelopes.
2. A cluster of antelopes.
3. A tribe of antelopes.
1. A colony of ants.
2. A union of carpenter ants.
3. A picnic of ants.
4. An army of ants.
5. A swarm of ants.
1. A shrewdness of apes.
2. A troop of apes.
arachnologists (noun) (lexicomedy)
A web of arachnologists.
1. A sheaf of arrows.
2. A quiver of arrows.
A slew of assassins.

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Here is an attempt to clarify the different "hunt, hunting" and the "love, fondness" terms: venat-, "hunt, hunting"; vener-, "love, sexual references"; Names for Groups or "Venery names"; Introduction to Venereal and Other Group Terms or "Venery names".