Venereal Terms: Names of Groups

(terms of Venery or group names from traditional terms of the hunt and some more modern creations that attempt to describe group characteristics of animals, humans, and groupings)

Venereal Terms (or traditional terminology) in these lists, or sections, are indicated with italics and "modern creations" are presented with normal text.

1. A sloth of bears.
2. A sleuth of bears.
A bevy of beauties.
A colony of beavers.
1. An embarrassment of beepers.
2. An annoyance of beepers.
1. A swarm of bees.
2. A grist o bees.
3. An apiary of bees.
4. A colony of bees.
5. A hive of bees.
6. A rabble of bees.
A peal of bells.
biologists (lexicomedy)
A cell of biologists.
1. A dissimulation of birds.
2. A flight of birds.
3. A flock of birds.
4. A fleet of birds.
5. A parcel of birds.
6. A pod of birds.
A herd of bison.
boa constrictors
As a group-name, a crush of boa constrictors.
1. A herd of boars.
2. A singular of boars.
boars (wild)
A sounder of boars (of twelve or more).
A set of bowls.
A batch of bread.
A portfolio of brokers.

For a better understanding of where Venereal Terms came from and the reasons for their existence in the first place, go to this Group Names: Introduction to Venereal and Other Group Terms unit.

Here is an attempt to clarify the different "hunt, hunting" and the "love, fondness" terms: venat-, "hunt, hunting"; vener-, "love, sexual references"; Names for Groups or "Venery names"; Introduction to Venereal and Other Group Terms or "Venery names".