(Latin: to shun, to avoid)

evitable (adjective), more evitable, most evitable
Pertaining to anything that can be avoided or prevented: The police investigator declared that the damage done when Markus drove into the back of a woman's car was an evitable accident and that if he had been paying attention he could have kept it from happening.
evitate (verb), evitates; evitated; evitating
To shun, to avoid, or to escape.
evitation (s) (noun), evitations (pl)
An avoiding or a shunning.
evite (verb), evites; evited; eviting
To avoid; to shun.
inevitability (s) (noun), inevitabilities (pl)
Something that is certain to happen and can not be prevented.
inevitable (s) (noun), inevitables (pl)
An unavoidable event or situation: Just because the bad weather came when Jim and his family wanted to go for a walk, and his children complained about not being able to go, he told them it doesn't do any good to argue with the inevitable because life is full of all kinds of inevitables!
inevitable (adjective), more inevitable, most inevitable
1. Relating to that which is impossible to avoid or to prevent: Just about every trip people go on seems to have its inevitable delays and complications.
2. Pertaining to something that is bound to come or to happen: Some kind of illness is an inevitable aspect of life and death is its inevitable conclusion.
3. Invariably occurring or appearing; predictable: When sightseeing in popular places, there are always numerous tourists who are equipped with inevitable cameras.
Relating to something that can't be avoided.
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inevitableness (s) (noun), inevitablenesses (pl)
Anything that is sure to occur, to happen, or to take place.
inevitably (adverb), more inevitably, most inevitably
Descriptive of something that cannot be avoided and is certain to happen: Strong arguments between individuals often inevitably result in tears; especially, when the conflict includes insults.