seri-, serio-

(Latin: weighty, important, grave [from French sérieux (feminine sériuse), from Late Latin seriosus, from earlier Latin serius])

jocoserious (adjective), more jocoserious, most jocoserious
Mixing humor or something funny with serious matters.
Excessively serious.
seriocomic, seriocomical
Serious and comic at the same time.
1. Grave in quality or manner.
2. Carried out in earnest: "He was engaged in serious drinking".
3. Deeply interested or involved: "She was a serious card player."
4. Designed for and addressing grave and earnest tastes; such as, serious art; serious music.
5. Not trifling or jesting: "We're serious. We expect you to complete the assignment on time."
6. Of considerable size or scope; substantial: "The city had a cleanup that cost serious money."
7. Of such character or quality as to appeal to the expert, the connoisseur, or the sophisticate: "Every serious kitchen needs at least one freezer."
8. Concerned with important rather than trivial matters.
9. Being of such importance so as to cause anxiety: "She had serious injuries."
10. Too complex to be easily answered or solved: "The governor raised some serious objections to the proposal."
11. In medicine, (of a patient's condition) having unstable or otherwise abnormal vital signs and other unfavorable indicators, as loss of appetite and poor mobility.
1. In a serious manner: "He shook his head seriously."
2. To an alarmingly grave extent: "He is seriously ill."
3. With genuine, earnest intent; sincerely: "Seriously, Jimmy, we have to get home before dark."
1. An earnest and sincere feeling; earnestness, sincerity.
2. The quality of arousing fear or distress; distressfulness.
3. The trait of being serious; serious-mindedness, earnestness, sincerity.
4. Gravity of manner or of mind; solemnity: "He spoke with with an air of seriousness."
1. Slang for serious or seriousness: "We must consider the serosity of the situation."
2. Bureaucratic language: A growing number and volume of imagined consequences driving a decision or demand for hasty action.