Quotes: Human Body

(something that comes in two basic gender formats, but in billions of shapes and forms)

human body (s) (noun), human bodies (pl)
Physical beings which are made up of systems that consist of organs, of tissues, and of cells.


The kidneys work tirelessly: 500 gallons of blood are filtered through these organs each day.
Science Digest, April, 1983, p. 88.

No matter how thoroughly and minutely the brain is examined with a microscope, it is not possible to find the mind.

With reasonable care the human body will last a lifetime.
—Arnold Glasow

In Extremis

I saw my toes the other day.
I hadn’t looked at them for months.
Indeed, they might have passed away.
And yet, they were my best friends once.
When I was small, I knew them well
I counted on them up to ten
And put them in my mouth to tell The larger from the lesser. Then
I loved them better than my ears,
My elbows, and heart.
But with the swelling of the years
We drifted, toes and I, apart.
Now, gnarled and pale, each said, j‘accuse!—
I hid them quickly in my shoes.
—By John Updike

In 1974, while he was hosting the Academy Awards Ceremony, a streaker ran across the stage in the nude. Niven commented:

“The only laugh that man will ever get is by stripping and showing his shortcomings.”
—David Niven

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