bas-, baso-, basi-, ba-, bat-

(Greek > Latin: stepping, to step, to go, to walk; a place where someone steps; a pedestal; a foot for stepping; foundation, ground, base)

abasia (s) (noun), abasias (pl)
The inability to walk because of a limitation or absence of muscular coordination which may be a result of psychiatric or physiological origins; unable to walk: Alicia was able to move her legs while she was lying down, but she had abasia when she tried to stand up.
acrobat (s) (noun), acrobats (pl)
1. A performer on the trapeze, tightrope, etc.: A person who "walks on tiptoes", such as walking on a wire high above the ground, is called an acrobat!.
2. A skilled performer of gymnastic feats: An acrobat can walk on a tightrope or can swing on a trapeze, for example.
3. Etymology: from French acrobate, from Greek akrobates, "rope dancer, gymnastic performer"; related to akrobatos, "going on tip-toe, climbing up high"; from akros "topmost, at the end point" + bainein, "to walk, to go".
base (BAYS) (s), bases (pl) (nouns)
1. Support, pedestal, stand, bottom, foundation, substructure, ground, bed: "The lamp stands on a circular base."

"The tall building utilizes several kinds of bases or foundations to hold it solidly in place."

2. Foundation, essence, principle, root, core, heart, key, rudiment, ground, source: "The base of his argument is that our price is too high."
3. Essential ingredient, principal constituent: "The soup has a tomato base."
4. Camp, station, post, billet, installation, garrison: "The weary troops marched back to their base."

"U.S. military units still have several bases in Europe."

5. To derive from, to model on, to found on: "This song is based on an old folk tune."
6. Station, garrison, locate, situate, install, ground, establish, place: "The company’s headquarters is based in Berlin. The army’s 3rd Armored Division was based at Fort Knox."
7. Inferior, poor quality; alloyed, debased, adulterated, impure, spurious: "Zinc and brass are base metals."
8. Mean, vile, low, contemptible, despicable, ignoble, shameful, immoral, sneaky, petty: "Cheating at cards is a base practice."
base, base, bass, bass
base (BAYS) (noun)
1. Support, bottom, foundation, substructure: The lamp stands on a circular base.
2. Foundation, essence, core, source: The base of Vern's argument is that the price is too high.
3. Camp, station, post, billet, installation: The weary troops marched back to their base.
base (BAYS) (adjective)
1. Inferior, poor quality; adulterated, impure: Zinc and brass are base metals.
2. Lacking proper social values or moral principles; not honest or good: Tom's base motives were soon obvious when he walked off with all of the money people had entrusted to him for their investments.
bass (BAYS) (noun)
1. The range of the lowest male voice, below baritone: Ty sang bass in the quartet.
2. A low, deep sound or tone, as of a voice or a musical instrument: Lorie's father had a bass voice that stood out from any other man that Rhoda had ever heard.
bass (BAHS) (noun)
A kind of fresh or salt-water fish: "Nelda and Donovan caught five large bass for tonight’s fish dinner."

The bass swam around the bass drum in the river where another bass was painted on the base of that bass drum.

Rocco, the villainous singer sang his song in his base bass voice.

based, baste
based (BAYS'd) (verb)
To have as a fundamental principal upon which is formed the foundation of an idea, a construct, or undertaking: The theme of the novel is based on the idea of social justice.
baste (BAYST) (verb)
1. To sew together in a temporary fashion: Bianca, the seamstress, will baste the skirt before the client tries it on to be sure it fits correctly.
2. To moisten periodically with the juice or fat from the meat being cooked: The cook would baste the roast from time to time to be sure it was juicy and delicious.

Nola's new cookbook was based on the principles of healthy fat-free menus; however, once in a while, she likes to have a roast which she can baste.

bases, basis
bases (BAY suhz) Plural of basis and base (noun)
1. Supports, underpinnings, substructures: The tall building utilizes several kinds of bases or foundations to hold it solidly in place.
2. Camps, stations, posts, billets, installations, garrisons: U.S. military units still have several bases in Europe.
basis (BAY seez) (noun)
Base, foundation, fundamental, essential: Charity toward others is the basis of Jill's philosophy and way of life.

The basis of baseball is that there are three bases, plus the home base, around which the players must run in order to score.

basic aluminum carbonate
A complex mixture of aluminum hydroxide and aluminum carbonate.

The gel is used as an antacid and in a low phosphate diet to prevent the formation of phosphate urinary stones.

basic fundamentals
basidigital (adjective)
A reference to the bases of the digits:"Basidigital bones are the metacarpal bones (between the wrists and fingers) and metatarsal bones (between the ankles and the toes of the feet).
Pertaining to, or characteristic of, fungi of the class Basidiomycetes; a fungus that produces its spores in a characteristic club-shaped cell basidium.

Mushrooms, puffballs, rusts, bracket fungi, and smuts are basidiomycotes.

basifixed (adjective) (not comparable)
Attached at or near the base; such as, a leaf to a stem: The basifixed branches of the pine tree were removed for better viewing of the area where they existed.
basiphobia, basophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. An avoidance or dread of walking: Sally, having basiphobia after breaking her leg in the accident, was afraid of taking a turn outside because she thought something dreadful would happen as a result, such as collapsing, falling, being injured again, or even dying!
2. An emotional incapability to stand or to walk even when there is no diagnosis of a muscle disease: Even though the doctors said many times over that his legs were completely healed and well again, Jack suffered from basiphobia and was terrified of getting up out of his wheelchair!
basis (BAY seez)
Base, underpinning, ground, foundation, cornerstone, fundamental, essential, principle: "Charity toward others is the basis of her philosophy and way of life."
Something which is facing, or viewed, on the side, toward the base.