bas-, baso-, basi-, ba-, bat-

(Greek > Latin: stepping, to step, to go, to walk; a place where someone steps; a pedestal; a foot for stepping; foundation, ground, base)

basistasiphobia, basostasophobia (s) (noun); basistasiphobias, basostasophobias (pl)
An exaggerated dread of standing or walking: The basistasiphobia which Mary's grandfather had was related to his fear of falling, collapsing, or causing his death, and therefore he stayed inside his home most of the time!
basograph (s) (noun), basographs (pl)
An instrument that makes graphic records of the abnormalities of gait or the special way of walking that some people have.
A group of Pulmonifera having the eyes at the base of the tentacles, including the common pond snails.
basophobiac (adjective), more basophobiac, most basophobiac
Descriptive of someone who has a dread of going on foot or standing erect: Timothy didn't have any muscular problems after his therapeutic rehabilitation, but he was still frightened of walking by himself or even straightening up on his feet and his doctor described him as being a basophobiac person.
basosquamous carcinoma
A carcinoma of the skin which in structure and behavior is considered transitional between basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma.
batophobia (s) (noun), batophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of passing or walking close to extremely lofty objects: Alfred has batophobias whenever he is near towering buildings or tall trees because he has such a dread of heights.

The association of Greek batos with “height” is apparently a result of a connection of this word with the second element in acrobat because acrobats are associated with the idea that they perform their arts high over ground levels.

1. The shuffling gait, or walk, characteristic of partial paraplegia or in Parkinson's disease.
2. A slow, shuffling, short-stepped gait (walk), as seen in double hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body).
debase (verb), debases; debased, debasing (verbs)
1. To lower the reputation of someone or to decrease the value of something: The mayor of Tom's city debased himself by lying to his citizens about his financial dealings with a company.
2. To make someone or someone less respected: Some people are convinced that commercialism will debase the sacredness or religious purpose of Christmas.
To decrease in value, quality, or character; to cheapen.
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1. Difficulty in walking, including excessively fast steps (tachybasia), or very small steps (brachybasia).
2. Difficulty in walking, especially as the result of a disorder of the nervous system.
3. Difficulty in or distortion of walking which occurs in people with mental disorders.
Any form of difficult or distorted walking, whether organically or psychically determined.
1. An apparatus for measuring the weight bearing period of limbs during walking.
2. A device for recording a person's gait or manner of walking.
The graphic process by which an electrobasograph is made; used for gait or walking analysis.
hysterical dysbasia
The apparent difficulty in walking seen in hysterical individuals, often characterized by marked swaying, zigzag steps, superfluous movements, and faked falling by which the person dramatizes the disability.
The lunar lowlands (the dark-colored regions as seen from the earth).