pedo-, paedo-, ped-, paed-, paido-, paid-

(Greek: child, boy; infant)

The British tend to use paed- while those in the United States tend to use ped-. Remember that the Greek ped- means "child" while the Latin ped- means "foot". Don't confuse this Greek element with another Greek pedo- which means "ground, soil, earth".

pedologia (s) (noun) (no pl)
The study of the development and behavior of children: Pedologia includes infantile or childish speech that omits all but the principal words and substitutes easily pronounced sounds for more difficult ones, also known as "baby language".
pedologist, paidologist (s) (noun); pedologists; paidologists (pl)
A person who studies children and their behavior: Because Sally didn't seem to act her age, at home or in school, her parents took her to Dr. Moon, a pedologist, in order to find out possible disorders in her development.
pedology, paedology (s) (noun) (no pl)
Rare, the branch of biology, sociology, and psychiatry,regarding the study of the nature of children: Pedology is concerned with the child in his o her physical, mental, and social development.

Pedology involves infantile or childish speech that omits all but the principal words and substitutes easily pronounced sounds for more difficult ones, also known as "baby talk".

pedometer, paedometer (s) (noun); pedometers; paedometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the weight and length of a child: Right after the birth of Celia's baby, the nurses used a pedometer to see how much her baby weighed and how tall she was.
pedomorphism (s) (noun) (no pl)
Childhood characteristics in certain adult mammals: It has been noted that pedomorphism not only can affect people as adults, but also in amphibians that retain juvenile traits and mannerisms.
pedomorphosis (s) (noun) (no pl)
A change in which a child's or juvenile's characteristics are retained in the adult form of an organism; neoteny: Pedomorphosis interestingly enough has been detected in the caterpillar-like female of casebearers of the family Coleophoridae.
pedonom (s) (noun), pedonoms (pl)
In Greek antiquity, a magistrate who supervised the education of youths: In the old Greek dictionary that her grandfather had, Alice found out that a pedonom was a kind of judge who kept tags on or guided the adolescence in a certain area.
pedonosology, paedonosology (s) (noun); pedonosologies; paedonosologies (pl)
The study of the diseases of children: Part of Amanda's medical studies involved pedonosology, or the illnesses and disorders of kids of all ages.r
pedonymic, paedonymic (noun), pedonymics; paedonymics (pl)
A name that a child has which is the same as his or her father or mother; teknonymy: This custom of pedonymics, or the practice of referring to parents by using the name of their offspring, is found in various cultures around the world.
pedophobia (s) (noun), pedophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of children, including infants: Mr. and Mrs. Jones didn't have any kids of their own and were quite tense and anxious when they visited their friend's new baby, and they decided that, since they had pedophobia, they didn't want a youngster of their own!
A man fears children.
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A woman has a phobia for very young children.
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pedophobic (adjective), more pedophobic, most pedophobic
Relating to an abnormal fear or dislike of children: Jack knew that he had a pedophobic fear, and so he decided never to teach children of any ages, but adults were just fine to teach.
pedotrophic (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the rearing, bringing up, and the care of children: Bill and Stella were thinking of having children, but first they wanted to have some reliable pedotrophic information and advice on the subject to make sure they were able to raise a child.
pedotrophist (s) (noun) ,pedotrophists (pl)
A specialist who has the knowledge and is adept in rearing a child: A pedotrophist is skilled, possesses the ability and the know-how to bring up children properly.
pedotrophy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The art or skill necessary to feed children correctly: Sally read a book containing all aspects of pedotrophy in order to make sure she was giving her little girl the proper food she needed to stay healthy. .
perissoped (s) (noun), perissopeds (pl)
A gifted or talented child: Dr. Thompson told Jill's parents that she was a perissoped, or an exceptionally brilliant girl.