pedo-, paedo-, ped-, paed-, paido-, paid-

(Greek: child, boy; infant)

The British tend to use paed- while those in the United States tend to use ped-. Remember that the Greek ped- means "child" while the Latin ped- means "foot". Don't confuse this Greek element with another Greek pedo- which means "ground, soil, earth".

pedarchy (s) (noun), pedarchies (pl)
A government that is ruled by a child or by children.
pedeia, paedeia, paideia (s) (noun) (no plurals found)
In ancient Greek society: education or upbringing; more generally, a society's culture; the sum of physical and intellectual achievement to which the human body and mind can aspire: Greek paideia is the idea of perfection or of excellence.
pedeutics, paedeutics, paideutics (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
The science or art of education.
pediadontia (s) (noun), pediadontias (pl)
pediatric, paediatric (adjective); more pediatric, more paediatric; most pediatric, most paediatric
Pertaining to or a reference to treating the diseases of children.
pediatrician, paediatrician (s) (noun); pediatricians, paediatricians (pl)
A physician who specializes in the treatment of children and their development and care and of the diseases of children and their treatment.
pediatrics (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
1. The branch of medical science dealing with the study of childhood and the diseases of children.
2. The medical specialty concerned with the diagnosing and treatment of children in health and disease during their development from birth through adolescence.
pediatrist, paediatrist (s) (noun), pediatrists, paediatrists (pl)
pediatry (s) (noun), pediatries (pl)
The care and medical care of children: Pediatry is a branch of medicine that is devoted to the study of, diagnosis, and treatment of children.
pedobaptism, paedobaptism (s) (noun); pedobaptisms, paedobaptisms (pl)
The baptism of children or the religious rite of sprinkling on the forehead or the immersion in water, symbolizing purification or regeneration and admission to the Christian Church.
pedobaptist (s) (noun), pedobaptists (pl)
A person who practices, adheres to, or advocates infant baptism.
pedobarometer (s) (noun), pedobarometers (pl)
In medicine, a scale for weighing a baby.
pedocracy, paedocracy (s) (noun); pedocracies; paedocracies (pl)
A government that is run by or consists of children: The story was very interesting for Sam because young people like him ruled the island and the government was called a pedocracy.
pedodontics (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
The branch of dentistry concerned with the dental care and treatment of children.
pedodontist, pediadontist (s) (noun); pedodontists, pediadontists (pl)
A dentist who practices dentistry that deals with children's teeth.