therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

Treatment of an illness by means of an exclusive or nearly exclusive milk diet; also, galactotherapy.
Treatment of an ailment by fasting; the hunger cure.
1. A form of psychotherapy that places special emphasis on the patient's spiritual life and on the physician as the "medical minister".
2. An existential type of psychotherapy which maintains that man's mental health depends on his/her awareness of meaning in her/his life.
3. A treatment modality based on the application of humanistic and existential psychology to assist a patient in finding meaning and purpose in life and unique life experiences.
The treatment of certain diseases, or illnesses, by exposure to light; especially, by varieties of concentrated light rays or specific wavelengths. Also phototherapy.
magnetotherapy, magnetotherapeutics
The attempt to treat a disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body.
magnotherapy, magnotherapeutics
The use of specific magnetic fields to accelerate healing and reduce pain. The pain relieving and healthy benefits of magnotherapy are supposed to be the result of a change in the body’s pH levels caused by magnetic energy.
marinotherapy (s) (noun) (no pl)
A form of climatotherapy involving exposure to seaside environments: In Europe, various seaside resorts offer marinotherapy and are reputed to have differing therapeutic values depending on the prevailing local climatic conditions.

A North Sea environment, for example, is recommended for invigoration and the Mediterranean, for sedation.

The treatment of certain ailments with massage.
The treatment of an illness by means of an apparatus or some kind of mechanical appliances.
The treatment of certain ailments with bee venom; also, apiotherapy.
metabolic therapy (MEH tuh BAH lik THAYR uh pee)
Treatment to correct changes in metabolism that can be caused by disease.
Treatment of an illness with high frequency radiation; also, microwave therapy.
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