therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

chrysotherapy (s) (noun), chrysotherapies (pl)
Treatment of a disease by the administration of gold salts; also, aurotherapy: The application of gold compounds to medicine is called chrysotherapy and "aurotherapy."

Chrysotherapy is primarily used to reduce inflammation and to slow disease progression in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

The use of injected gold salts for chrysotherapy is rare now because of numerous side effects, the need for continual patient monitoring, limited capacity to produce the results desired, and the slow beginning of any healing.

The efficacy of orally administered gold is even more limited than injectable gold compounds during chrysotherapy.

Treatment of disease by removal of the patient to a region having a climate more favorable for recovery.
convulsive shock therapy, electroconvulsive shock therapy, ECT, electroshock therapy (s) (noun); convulsive shock therapies, electroconvulsive shock therapies, ECTs, electroshock therapies (pl)
A treatment in which convulsions are induced by passing a low-voltage alternating electric current through the brain.

The use of such a technique is used in psychology, or psychiatry, to treat severe psychiatric disorders.

craniosacral therapy
An alternative therapy in which practitioners attempt to create positive effects by manipulating the bones of the skull and spine, as well as the fascia (flat layers of fibrous tissue that separate different layers of tissue) that underlies muscle tissue.
crymotherapy, krymotherapy; crymotherapies, krymotherapies
Treatment of an illness with the use of cold temperatures.
1. The use of cold in the treatment of disease.
2. Medical treatment that involves cooling the body, especially by applying ice packs.
Transscleral freezing of the ciliary body in the treatment of glaucoma.
cyclotherapy (s) (noun), cyclotherapies (pl)
A physical treatment that utilizes the use of a bicycle or a bicycle exercise machine.
Treatment of skin diseases.
1. Treatment by a strict limitation of the amount of water to be ingested.
2. Treatment of certain diseases by abstention, as far as possible, from liquids.
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