theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic

(Greek: God, god, deity, divinity, divine)

theognostic (adjective)
A belief that God can be known.
theogonist (s) (noun), theogonists (pl)
One who makes an account of the origin and descent of the gods.
theogony (s) (noun), theogonies (pl)
1. A marriage between gods.
2. The origins or genealogy of the gods, as told in the myths.
3. The origin and descent of the gods, or an account of this.
4. The generation or genealogy of the gods.
5. That branch of heathen theology that deals with the origin and descent of the deities.
6. A poem treating of such genealogies; as, the “Theogony of Hesiod”.
theohuman (s) (noun), theohumans (pl)
Being both divine and human; that is, God as well as man.
theolatry (s) (noun), theolatries (pl)
1. The worship of God, a god, or gods.
2. The worship of a deity or deities.
theolepsy (s) (noun), theolepsies (pl)
Seizure or possession by a deity or god.
theoleptic (s) (noun), theoleptics (pl)
Someone who is possessed or inspired by a deity.
theologaster (s) (noun), theologasters (pl)
1. A pretender or quack; slang for someone who makes false claims in theology.
2. A petty, paltry, or shallow theologian.
theologastric (adjective)
Of or pertaining to someone who makes false religious claims.
theologian (s) (noun), theologians (pl)
Someone who is an expert in or engages in religion.
theological (adjective)
About, using, engaged in, or typical of the study of religions.
theological virtue (s) (noun), theological virtues (pl)
Each of the three virtues of faith, hope, and charity as defined by St. Paul in the New Testament of the Bible.
theologically (adverb)
Relating to the study of religions: "Bert was theologically involved in learning more about religions and theologically participating in several religious groups so he could learn more about them."
theologicophobia (s) (noun), theologicophobias (pl)
An abnormal apprehension of theology: Some people who experience theologicophobia think that some of its concepts are often made in obscure terms and so are not understood by many who are exposed to them.
theologism (s) (noun), theologisms (pl)
1. The action or product of religion; a religious speculation or system; usually in a derogatory sense.
2. A view point that other disciplines; such as, philosophy or science, are inferior to the study of religion.

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