theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic

(Greek: God, god, deity, divinity, divine)

theotherapy (s) (noun); theotherapies (pl)
The treatment of an illness with prayer or religious exercises.
theotropic (adjective)
1. Related to being inclined toward religion.
2. A reference to people yearning to connect their mundane (worldly) lives to the beyond.
theurgist (s) (noun), theugists (pl)
Someone who practices the art of securing the intervention of supernatural powers in human affairs: A theurgist is considered a wonder worker or magician because of his or her access to supernatural sources."
theurgy (s) (noun), theurgies (pl)
1. Intervention of supernatural or divine powers in human affairs: "Theurgy is the art of securing the intervention of supernatural or divine powers in human affairs."
2. Magic with the help of benevolent spirits, as practiced by Neo-Platonists.
tritheism (s) (noun), tritheisms (pl)
Belief in three gods, especially the belief or doctrine that the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit consist of three distinct divinities or three separate gods: Because her neighbors were sensitive about religious matters, Dahlia did not tell them about her belief in tritheism.
tritheist (s) (noun), tritheists (pl)
A person who believes that the three persons of the Christian Trinity are three separate gods: Tritheists have a belief that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct deities, which is considered contrary to the established teachings of orthodox Christianity.
Unit Test, Theo (God, god) Words

Theo Words, Quiz.

Unit Test, Theo (God, god) Words

Theo Words, Quiz.

zootheism (s) (noun), zootheisms (pl)
The belief that an animal is a god and the worship of that animal: Zootheism is the attribution of a deity or holiness to animals.
Worshipers are bowing down to a golden bull which is a form of zootheism.

People are worshiping a golden bull which is just one example of many similar zootheistic religions from the past and in the present.

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zootheist (s) (noun), zootheists (pl)
A person who believes a god is in the form of an animal: A zoothiest is an individual who worships animal deities.
zootheology (s) (noun), zootheologies (p)
The study of god-animals: Zootheology is the investigation and research of animal deities and of people's worship of them.

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