avi-, av-

(Latin: bird, birds)

Aves (pl) (noun) (no singular)
The class of warm-blooded vertebrates that comprises or consists of birds: The Aves characteristically posses forelimbs in the form of wings and hind limbs adapted for perching, swimming, or walking.

Aves are almost completely covered with feathers, and scales are usually present on the feet.

The beak, or bill, is covered with a horny sheath and all of the living Aves are toothless and the heart is four-chambered, and there are extensive air sacs between the visceral organs.

The Aves are oviparous and it is estimated that there are 8600 species which have been described.

2. Etymology: from Latin plural of avis, bird.
avian (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to, relating to, or referring to birds: There are many species of avian creatures that exist around the world.

Here is one kind of avian animal that is about to catch a mouse to eat.

An eagle is flying down to catch a mouse.
aviarist (s) (noun), aviarists (pl)
Someone who keeps an a collection of birds or an aviary.
aviary (AY vi er" i) (s) (noun), aviaries (pl)
1. A place for birds: Shirley kept several birds in her private aviary.
2. A large cage, house, or enclosure, in which birds are kept: The local zoo has several aviaries for people to see.

Aviary: a cage big enough to give birds an illusion of freedom.

—Leonard L. Levinson
aviate (verb), aviating, aviates, aviated
1. To operate an aircraft.
2. To fly in the air as birds normally do it.
aviation (s) (noun), no plural
1. The production and operation of airplanes and other machines that fly: The three women, whose life stories were told in the film about early aviation, lived in a city near where Jane grew up.
2. Etymology: from Latin avis, "bird" + -ationem, "an action, a process."
aviator (s) (noun), aviators (pl)
Someone or those who operate an aircraft.

Refashioned after French aviateur. See aviation for origin of this word.

aviatress (s) (noun), aviatresses (pl)
A woman who is a pilot and flies airplanes.
aviatrix (s) (noun); aviatrices or aviatrixes (pl)
A woman who operates an aircraft so she is a pilot.
avicide (s) (noun), avicides (pl)
The slaughter of birds by shooting or poisoning them..
avicole (verb), avicoles; avicoled; avicoling
Living on birds: Avicoles are parasites or organisms that obtain nutriments from these flying creatures.
avicular (adjective) (not comparable)
Of, like, or pertaining to birds: Joshua had a high interest in learning more about where he can find more avicular creatures for the customers of his pet store.
aviculture (s) (noun), avicultures (pl)
The raising, keeping, and care of birds in cages, aviaries, or other enclosures: One form of aviculture involves growing birds for pet stores; especially, canaries and other small species.

Sometimes aviculture is also used to keep birds in captivity for biological studies.

The raising or taking care of birds.
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aviculturist (s) (noun), aviculturists (pl)
A person who cares for and rears birds in cages, aviaries, or other kinds of enclosures.
avifauna (s) (noun), avifaunae (pl)
The birds of a particular region, habitat, or geological area.